This special 2 hour class is open to all as a sensory journey from the external world of busyness, movement and thoughts into the subtle realm of sensation, breath and bliss. A deep connection to your physical and energetic self and the experience of the natural resting-state of your central nervous system.

We will lay the foundation with a body scan and then settle into long floorbased, supported Yin postures as we settle deeper into ourselves. With each pose we take time to arrive and receive sensations and as more attentiveness arises a meditative state begins to come throgh, preparing us for the journey into deeper stillness.

Yoga Nidra is an embodiment meditation during which we stay wakeful and aware in savasana, its a sensory journey with the added benefits of improving neural pathways, sleep patterns and pain threshold by accessing the deeper parts of your subconscious. A profound practice of peace this combination of Yin Yoga with Nidra offers a perfect opportunity to completely focus inwards and resource yourself.


Jade specialises in teaching Yin Yoga and body-honouring movement and offers touch-sensitive healing. She offer these practices to help people rediscover their mind-body connections and reclaim a sense of spaciouness. She studied with the School of Sacred Arts and Paul Grilley, and continually evolves her practice incorporating Chi Kung, Somatic Movement, Feldenkrais and Craniosacral therapy. She teaches Yin Yoga Trainings and embodiment practices to improve awareness and vitality and to broaden the spectrum of traditional Yoga Asana. She has a quirky and kind inquiry-based approach to teaching that is focused on liberation through awareness.


AED 150


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