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Pilates is an exercise philosophy based on mindful movement and aimed towards a healthier lifestyle.

It is an innovative and safe way to strengthen and shape your body using a Mat or various equipment such as reformer, chair, tower bar and Trapeze table.

Pilates is more than just a trend, but rather a mind-body practice, where the mind is engaged to think the movement through and execute it with a deeper level of understanding. Instructors use a variety of verbal, tactile or imagery cues to guide participants towards the specific benefits of each exercise.

When practiced regularly, Pilates teaches body awareness, good posture and graceful movement. It also improves flexibility, agility and efficiency of motion.

That is why Pilates is beneficial for any lifestyle; It allows people who work behind desks to counteract the effects of gravity and computers on their spine; it also complements many sports disciplines, helps athletes perform better and decrease the risk of injury.

Pilates is based on 6 principles that lead the logic of the repertoire: breathing, concentration, movement control, centering, precision, and flow. Through these, the benefits of Pilates are countless: better posture, increased core stability and strength, improved body/movement control, enhanced movement distribution across the whole spine, and better balance.





Reformer Intro

A small introduction to the reformer machine is what you need to get started for these classes. The teacher starts by explaining how to manage the reformer and then continues with a regular beginner class level. This class is mandatory for clients who have no experience in reformer.


Reformer Beginner

A beginner level class that teaches students the basics of Pilates exercises on the reformer. Classes follow a structured format focusing on body organisation and strengthening using springs as resistance or assistance.


Reformer Beginner/Intermediate

This class increases the challenge given in the beginner level. It's a progression that challenges alignment, coordination, core control and body organization.


Reformer Intermediate

This level adds more challenging repertoire where basic exercises are taught reversed or with different spring resistance and a new set of integrative movement is introduced. Previous experience in Reformer classes is required.


Reformer All Levels

This class attends to all level participants. The instructor will give modifications to facilitate or challenge movement. A fair knowledge and experience in reformer classes is required.


Pilates Mat All Levels

This class attends to all level participants. The instructor will give modifications to facilitate or challenge movement. A fair knowledge and experience in Mat classes is required.



NeuroPilates is a form of Pilates that focuses on the brain and nervous system to help with changing the body’s posture, movement and overall health by improving the brain-body connection. Each class is themed with the aim of stimulating a different part of the brain in conjunction with traditional Pilates repertoire. It will include vision and balance training in addition to direct brain exercises that will free up and improve movement and flexibility of the feet, hips, spine and jaws. Our ultimate goal for you in this class on the long run is to make you move, breathe, see and balance better for a healthy optimal brain. A healthy brain equals a healthy body.


Power Reformer

A dynamic Pilates Reformer class that is upbeat and fast paced with set music that helps motivate and push you a little more to gain results.

The class combines classical Pilates Reformer repertoire with traditional exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups and incorporated small props.

Previous experience in Reformer classes is required


Pilates Jumpboard

Some JUMPING is just what you need sometimes to add to your weekly routine. In this class, the Jumpboard converts the reformer into a horizontal jumping machine, taking gravity out of the equation. These jumps are of low-impact, even lower than those on the trampoline, which makes the class joint- friendly and fun, especially when you are jumping on the moon, as light as a feather. It's a great class for burning calories, working on your legs when this springs are heavy, and on your abs when the spring are light. The class consists of a mixture between a cardio jumping and a strengthening targeted component.


Pilates Express

A mix of challenging Pilates exercises, stretches and twists will help you develop a stronger more stable core, elongate your spine, bring your attention to those lower abdominals, add tone and definition.

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