Food, Health, and Nutrition

Nutrition is the study of food and health. Good nutrition means getting the right amount of nutrients from healthy foods in the right combinations.


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Holistic Nutrition

Our life would not be possible without the nourishment of the food. Essentially everything that’s in our body was once a component of the food we consumed. 
The primary purpose of the food we eat is to provide us with a variety of nutrients that are used by the body to sustain growth and health. 
The benefits of nutrition are endless. Eating nutritious food will  strengthen your immune system , give you more energy to do daily task or help with working out to maintain your ideal weight .
Good , proper nutrition lowers people’s risk for many chronic diseases like:  diabetes, heart diseases, stroke,  some type of cancer and osteoporoses. 

Any health behavior change requires knowledge, skills and personal support. Habits, especially diet related, are not changed overnight. 
This service is designed to provide you with evidence based nutrition information, teach you the skills needed to develop a healthy way of eating and the support needed to solidify this way of eating for a lifetime.
Having nutrition knowledge and making smart choices about the foods you eat can and will help you achieve optimum health over your lifetime, and be a key to avoiding obesity, illness, and many of today’s most prevalent chronic diseases.
Individual nutrition plans focus on behavior change; developing dietary habits that fit into your lifestyle and which will support your nutrition goals today as well as sustaining them in the future. We believe that all foods can fit into a healthy diet and will teach you how to incorporate your favorites while meeting you dietary goals.

About the nutritionist.


Snezana is certified holistic nutritionist who aims to help her clients improve their overall health status by analyzing their current nutrition lifestyle and areas of deficiency.

With her pharmaceutical background and degree in holistic nutrition, she recognizes the intricate connections between the individual’s biochemical, mental/emotional, environmental and spiritual state, and how each of these components contributes to the overall health.

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