Holistic Counseling

Achieving happiness and fulfillment through understanding and healing our mental, emotional and physical bodies.


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Holistic Counseling

Holistic counseling looks at all three levels of our being: the mental, the emotional and the physical. 
The three levels of our being are interconnected and inseparable. Healing all three helps us live happier, more balanced and fulfilled life. 
Understanding the mind-body relationship requires digging and uncovering long established beliefs. 
Energy blocks and imbalances in the body, cause dis-ease in the energy flow surrounding the organs and our physical body.
By working on all three levels of our being, the starting with our belief system, we work on validating, expressing and releasing our emotions, restoring the energy flow within us and healing the physical body, creating happiness and more fulfilment in our lives. 
Holistic counseling works with stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, grief, depression, emotional blocks and relationship issues. 
The counseling sessions are an hour long and take place in person or over Skype.
Energy healing is the work done on the 'Human Energy Field' which integrates and surrounds our physical bodies. It works hand in hand with the counseling.

About the Counselor

Nathalie Khalaf

Nathalie Khalaf is a certified Holistic Counselor based in Dubai. Her interest in the mind - body relationship began with her own personal journey to healing and self awareness. Nathalie’s goal is to work with those who intend to expose and heal their beings in order to achieve happiness and more fulfillments in their lives. 

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